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David Jordan

I have no idea what the original post says, sorry, so here's and answer to your response. 


There is a couple ways to do this that i can think of.

if only using SL:

1. The trigger would show layer, this layer would have the rotated image on it. There wont be a "rotating" animation, but the image will be rotated after the users clicks. 

2. This one is a little trickier, and wont work on more complicated projects. You would have to set the exit animation of the image to rotate, then time it so the timeline ends where you want the image to appear to stop rotating, then, show layer with the rotated image.

If you can go outside SL:

This can easily be accomplished in flash with a few lines of AS3, if you are familiar with that. Then just import the SWF. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Bob Bob -- As you mentioned potentially using JavaScript in your reply to Leslie, I thought I'd stop in to note in case you were not aware that we are unable to provide support for JS. If that is the route you decided to go here or on other projects, your fellow community members would need to assist you further there. :)