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Jan 31, 2013

Hi, storyliners!

I'd like to share with you a project that I am pretty proud of...

For my job, I tried to create a serious game, and I came with this...

Basically, it's a quiz, but the players collect points and cash, and loose health. There is a store to buy bonuses, and a map to travel on...

I prepared an english-blank-simple version to share, so you'll have to personnalize it if you want to use it... Also, I didn't translate the feedbask layers on the questions, also, there is several improvements to do, as a keyboard navigation trough the layers, better graphics... This version is a demo, so I didn't push the levels to far and only the first two steps are built... but this share is to show you the mecanic behind the game, and the use of my new favorite feature: the VARIABLES! I love them!!

So, have fun! Your comments are appreciated!

Click here to play

The .story file is attached...

Thanks for watching!

EDIT (17/05/2016): I updated file version and published links for people who missed it...  Sorry for that!

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Cédric Froehlich

Hi all!

Wow, this project is still alive after 3 years... Amazing! Sorry for the delay, I really forgot this post...

Let's answer your questions:

@Rutwin : the game where designed to be a quiz based on all the service the company I work for is offering to our members... And all employees of the company were supposed to do it (finally it didn't happened because we took another approach)

@Rachel : Graphics are basically done in Illustrator. To be honest, I donwloaded free assets of 3d buildings, trees, cars, etc in vector format and align them in Illustrator. Then I exported HUGE resolution JPG files to be able to zoom in... You can see all the assets in the story content folder.

Thanks everyone for the good words... I updated the link of the course upside and dropped a Storyline 2 version of the .story file... But no update were made on it (and after 3 years, I realize that I had really basic skills!)

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