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Hello everyone,

I'm in a soup and need advise. We're trying to come out with a solution via which we can provide a link for dynamic content to our learner through a media site.

For example - we have a button in our course called Trending Information - we click it and it takes us to the NEW YORK TIMES - and we get to see articles displayed for us - based on specified search criteria provided in our courses. Is this possible? RSS feeds? ANYTHING?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Alex O'Byrne

Not entirely sure I got the drift, but I have a couple of examples that might be useful. First one is dynamic so the user inputs and it comes up with the content in the website you want, the second is a fixed search. 

Just looked the search results that come up cover the next arrow slightly but it still functions.

Is this the sort of thing you're after?

Mike Taylor

@Alex I'm just getting xml code and not your content when I open that link in Chrome

@Sonia You could use a web object to bring that content into your course or another option for RSS is to use a tool like  or which lets you customize how the RSS feed info is displayed and use the embed code in your course via a web object. 

sonia omar

Thank you so much for your inputs Mike and Alex.

Here's what I did myself - provided a trigger on the RSS button to open a new page which shows RSS feeds. What I need to do is filter it. Let's say currently it shows all financial feeds for the day - what if I want to filter it by some keywords or terms? Is there a way to do that? Any ideas? I'm looking at RSS filters but they all talk about an OPML file which goes with your outlook - basically email filters. Any such RSS filter which can filter inside the course?

P.S: I know nothing of javascript

Mike Taylor

I think you might need to use a combination of the RSS filtering tool (Feedrinse)  and something allows you to embed the contents of that (like  ) .  I think you can create a generic html page and place the embed code in to that. Then include that html page in Storyline as a web object. 

sonia omar

So this is the link I get after filtering the RSS feed:document.write('');(function() {var params = {rssmikle_url: "",rssmikle_frame_width: "720",rssmikle_frame_height: "540",rssmikle_target: "_top",rssmikle_font: "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",rssmikle_font_size: "12",rssmikle_border: "on",responsive: "on",rssmikle_css_url: "",text_align: "left",corner: "off",autoscroll: "off",scrolldirection: "up",scrollstep: "3",mcspeed: "20",sort: "New",rssmikle_title: "on",rssmikle_title_sentence: "",rssmikle_title_link: "",rssmikle_title_bgcolor: "#FF0000",rssmikle_title_color: "#FFFFFF",rssmikle_title_bgimage: "",rssmikle_item_bgcolor: "#FFFFFF",rssmikle_item_bgimage: "",rssmikle_item_title_length: "55",rssmikle_item_title_color: "#666666",rssmikle_item_border_bottom: "on",rssmikle_item_description: "on",rssmikle_item_description_length: "150",rssmikle_item_description_color: "#666666",rssmikle_item_date: "off",rssmikle_timezone: "Etc/GMT",datetime_format: "%b %e, %Y %l:%M:%S %p",rssmikle_item_description_tag: "off",rssmikle_item_description_image_scaling: "off",rssmikle_item_podcast: "off"};feedwind_show_widget_iframe(params);})();

What's the correct way to insert it in storyline? Thanks so much for all your support!

Mike Taylor

You can copy & paste the embed code into a blank .html document and name it index.html  Then insert that as a local web object. (Click on the folder icon instead of entering a url and then browse to the folder that contains the index.html file)

Here is what mine looked like: 

And when inserted into Storyline as a web object: