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Walt Hamilton

Create the slide as a freeform Drag and Drop.Put a filled but transparent shape on the lowest level of the slide (behind everything) and make it a target for the ruler graphic. Set Drop Target Options to Free. That will let you drop the ruler anywhere. Put a when dragged over( or when dropped on) trigger on the ruler, and you can drag it. Usually, I have it change the state of something (that is already normal) to normal. Reading the discussion David referenced, the author expresses a fear that future maintainers may delete the trigger because it seems to do nothing. If that worries you, put a text box off to the side of the stage explaining why it is necessary. Having the trigger change the state of the text box will call additional attention to it.

Personally, I like David's suggestion: a slider. Unfortunately, making a slider draggable disrupts its sliding function, so you would have to drag the object to it.