Rules around Deleting Templates from Slide Master

Hi, I'm self-taught in AS2 and have some questions around the use of templates and how to delete them from the Slide Master. I currently have 3 of the same set of layouts within my Slide Master, rookie mistake, I know. 

But I'm needing to retro-insert a module progress bar into my module and want to insert it on as few layouts as possible to minimize programming time.  However, when I try to delete some of the extra slide masters, I see this (attached). 

What are the rules around deleting slide masters? What impacts when you can and can't?

Thanks in advance for your help and expertise!


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Christie Pollick

Hi Deb -- Many thanks for your question, and while I will defer to the community to share their specific recommendations and advice, I wanted to pass along the following resources that may be of assistance:

Working with Templates, Slide Masters, Themes, and Layouts in Storyline

Using Slide Masters

Working with Templates