Running a SCORM Quiz Report from LMS

I ran across this old thread ( where Diane was able to run a report of the questions and responses listed from her LMS.

Since the questions were generated in SL and assuming uploaded as a SCORM, how can a report be run from within the LMS? My understanding was that reports couldn't be generated to do a report analysis.



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Regina Stephens

Hi Michael, I run this kind of report regularly using Litmos LMS, if I'm understanding your question correctly. 

I can see the questions and responses, for each attempt, on screen with a Quick Report, or I can get a detailed report by running a "Scorm User Results" report. 

I publish using Scorm 2004. 

Here's another discussion on the subject:


Mike DiFonzo


Thanks for the information. Looks like you could get the answer responses with SCORM 2004 but you can only get the answer choices with SCORM 1.2. Doesn't seem like how "progress" should go.

This confirms I can't run data analysis on the quizzes using SCORM 1.2. I'm not even sure our LMS can run the reports with SCORM 2004.

I'm not familiar with SCORM 2004. Is there a reason that you use that  particular format over 1.2? 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

SCORM 2004 is a newer version than SCORM 1.2, so it provides more support for things like all possible answers choices, larger amounts of suspend data captured, etc. 

What LMS are you using? Each LMS would also offer different options and formats for how reports are generated. It's worth checking with your LMS admin if they would support SCORM 2004 especially if it meets your needs on answer reporting. 

If you need any other help - let us know! 

Mike DiFonzo


I had it backwards. I was thinking 1.2 was newer but now I remember 2004 is. Unfortunately, this job and last, the LMS only accepted SCORM 1.2. 

I'm actually the LMS admin too. The joys of multiple roles ;}. Our current LMS doesn't allow data analysis reporting from SCORM. I will keep all of this in mind as we look at possibly another LMS.

This was helpful. Thanks.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Oh wow, Mike! You've definitely got your work cut out for you. If we can be of any other help, definitely let us know. 

I know there are a bunch of discussions on "which LMS is the best/should I use" so if you need ideas or recommendations, there are a lot of resources here in the community! 

Kelly Sullivan

Hi Regina

I'm new to Litmos LMS and I'm trying to find what I need (the answers to individual questions) in the Reports they provide. We want to see if there are any patterns when it comes to incorrect answers.

I've managed to find the information in the Quick Reports option, but this means that I need to go into each individual to see the results of the questions.

You mention running a 'Scorm User Results' report - can you tell me how to do this?

Thanks in advance