Running content on an iPad

Mar 22, 2013

I'm hosting some Storyline content on our companies LMS which needs to be accessed by iPad users. We can use the iPad player so are looking at just going with the 'Include HTML5 output option'. 

When we use this option, users are presented with a 'splash' screen consisting of a thumbnail and a play button. 

My question is, is there any way to avoid having this splash screen, so the content just opens immediately?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Steven!

Not by default. We use it because HTML5 requires user interaction to play media, so that's kind of a sneaky way of kicking off the course. 

Some other members have discussed ways to get around it over here, though, if you're interested. Just keep in mind it's not supported. 

Good luck, Steven, and have a great weekend!

Steve Andrews

Hi Peter. We will be supporting it in the future but not yet I'm afraid.

I've managed to bypass the screen using some code from the forum link you posted - not ideal as it means pasting over a .js file every time we publish but it does seem to work.

The other issue I have - with or without the splash screen present - is that the window doesn't size properly. I've set it to scale to the browser size but it won't do it on an iPad - it's fine on a Nexus 7.

See attached screenshot - for sizing issue.

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