Running pictures in layers

I tried to make a slide that ran nothing but some audio and a ton of pictures with text. I know how to play with timelines and make things appear and disappear. The problem is that I wanted this to run in layers because I didn't want a hundred pictures on the base layer. I made four layers. The next layer was to run at the end of the last picture on the previous layer.

What happened when I previewed or published to view is the base slide ran fine. The next layer came up when it was supposed to and it ran well right up to the end. The next layer was to fire off and it didn't. What happened is that the last two pictures from the base slide came back up and that was the end of that.

My base layer's timeline runs for 79 seconds due to music in the background. But layers 3 and 4 don't run. What am I doing wrong? I had an answer from Storyline tech, but they simply sent me a link to trigger order and such. My triggers are simple and in order. I didn't make this really technical. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Brian Batt

Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting the file.  I think I've got an idea as to what you're trying to accomplish:

1.  On the actual layers, change the trigger to end on the timeline of the layer & not the actual image.

2.  Add Hide Layer triggers to each layer so that it hides properly

Just so you know, I tested this with a skeleton project and I was able to reproduce this effect using a Hide Layers trigger.  Not sure what the difference is, but the attached file should get you pointed in the right direction.