S360 Mobile Landscape Seeking

Aug 29, 2018


I've read elsewhere that seeking in landscape on mobile is not possible. However, I uploaded a small file to ScormCloud and tested it on my Android phone and found that it does seem to be a feature now, which is great!

Is there any way to change settings so that you don't have to hit "pause" to show the seek bar and replay button in mobile landscape?

Thank you!

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Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli

Hey Ashley,

Wow, well I guess that's a happy accident as far as my testing. I'm using a Nexus 6 running Android 7.1.1.

I'm attaching two screenshots showing the seek bar and replay buttons appearing whenever I press "Pause". I'm also able to seek without pressing pause first, but the seek bar is invisible. I can do it just by clicking below the slide frame on the player itself. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Wow! Now I see my confusion, Lawrence. I was thinking the Responsive player not the Modern player. 🤦‍♀️

In the modern player, you will find the seekbar in the bottom with the play button on the far left and replay at the end of the timeline:





This bottom image shows the Modern player (left) vs. the Responsive Player (right). 

As for the settings, you'll need to use that pause to see the seekbar, but I can let the team know you'd like to see it the whole time. 

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