I have some trouble with integration my courses into SABA.

2 courses have the same settings of "Publish" (scorm 1.2, reporting - completed\incomplete) and "Player" (browser size - resize browser to fill screen, player size - scale player to fiil browser window). the first one works well and the second one doesnt work at all!

And moreover, if two courses are runing in SABA -  the one may have the button for resizing course window and the other may have not this option.

May be someone works with this lms and can help me?

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Crystal Horn

Hey there Daria.  I don't have experience with SABA, but I wanted to offer some help with troubleshooting your LMS courses.  <----  That article gives you a few things to consider, but I think the best advice in there is to upload the 2 courses to SCORM Cloud and see how they behave.  SCORM Cloud is a free testing engine (free with storage limit) that's pretty easy to use.