Saba cropping resizing scaling published course

I've published a course and each time I load it into Saba and launch Storyline's seekbar and prev/next buttons get cut off from the screen.  Has anyone else run into this problem?

I saw a similar thread here but it was a Presenter issue and I can't fix it on a publishing end:

Also this is only happening on the ipad, not on the PC.

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Isa David

Hi Joe,

My LMS is also Saba (5.4) and I have test launched a few courses from my iPad without issues. Could it simply be the template you select when you load your content in the repository? I always select Empty Player.

BTW, I'm looking into Saba Anywhere, are you using it? Would love some feedback if so.

Leah Hemeon

Hi Joe,

I had this problem but in Moodle. It turned out to be because I had a non-standard screen resolution set in windows. As soon as I switched the resolution it played just fine. It's worth noting that in my case the project played just fine from outside the LMS. It was only when loaded to the LMS that we saw the cropping. 

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Mike!

Looks like this discussion took place quite a while ago. Can you share a little more information about what's happening with your course?

Sounds like Saba may be cropping your course, even with the menu enabled. Can you describe how it's cropping the course on your end?

Also, have you tested the course on a server other than Saba?