SABA LMS / SL2 - LMS not reporting properly. Not moving course to completed course

Nov 09, 2015

Hi guys, I'm having some difficulties with SABA lms and the course I have created. The course will launch fine, but after completing the quiz, the course does not move to completed. Which SCORM and LMS reporting status works best with SABA?

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chris liao

Hi all, just an update. Someone from SABA got back to me. This is what SABA replied:

"Going through the communication logs for an attempt of the class, it would seem that the content is sending back a status of 'suspend' during exit along with the status and score. Normally, this status is sent back when the user has exited a course before completion and is likely to re-attempt later. Can you please modify the content to send a blank for this parameter 'cmi.core.exit' during exit and check again."

I found the file "SCORMFunctions.js" and found 2 line items with the code 'cmi.core.exit', but I don't know how to set it up to send a "blank" parameter.

Can anyone help?

Attached is the SCORMFunctions.js file.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris -- Many thanks for the update from your LMS. I just wanted to stop in to note that we are not able to provide support for JS coding or modifications to your published output, but maybe others in the community would be able to weigh in with some ideas and assistance. And just so you have it handy, here is a link to our JS Best Practices sheet in case you'd like to review it. 

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