Safari Crashing with HTML5 Content

We have a medium sized course. About 200mb with audio, layers, interactions and about 100 pages.  It randomly crashes when viewing it Safari using HTML5, but not the player app. We have tried several different iPad version and configurations and get random results, i.e. it crashes at different points. Any thoughts/feedback?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christopher and welcome to Heroes! 

There are some known limitations with mobile Safari and HTML5, although I haven't yet seen someone share it was limited to overall file size, but it does make sense based on mobile Safari's limited resource allocation. As you'll see in that article, the crashing can also depend on different versions of the iPad, as they may have different memory amounts. Are you unable to use the mobile player, or you're just looking to offer both options? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Harri,

I just wanted to share Regil's reply here about RAM allocation within the iPad in case others run across this thread:

Although Apple keeps a very tight lid on their memory allocation/utilization protocols, we have generally observed that published Storyline courses of 20 MB or less seem to perform best within iPad Mobile Safari. We also see much larger courses (sometimes exceeding 100 MB) that function well on the iPad, but smaller and simpler courses seem to have the highest rates of success. Keeping images and videos small seems to be key, as does limiting the length of audio narration and background audio.