Safari issues for Storyline 2

Hi community,

I have a published course that sits on a client's public website (Sharepoint 2010). We are not able to get the course to run successfully on iPads. We get white screens, crashing, the Articulate Mobile App won't load the course.

Users access it via a weblink. In the past it would automatically load in the browser (safari and chrome) but now it prompts the use of the app and that is the only way to view it (because I've published to force them to get the app). You cannot bypass this and in most instances, the app won't load the course and crashes.

Safari, the mobile app and storyline 2 are all the latest versions. I have already followed advice on this post: Storyline 2: HTML5 Content Is Slow or Doesn't Work in Mobile Safari

I'm pointing to the .html file.

It has been working fine in the past but now it doesn't.

I'm aware of the support articulate provides for browsers but just wondering if anyone is having similar issues and if you have successfully overcome this or have a solution?

Thank you to all that contribute and assist me with this.


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