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Oct 15, 2012


I imported an PPT with Articulate Presenter settings to Storyline, selected Web, and checked to publish HTML 5. After files are published, I tried to run the html files on the iPad, and nothing shows up. Safari displayed a white screen without any interface nor content. The HTML 5 version runs fine on a desktop Safari browser. I am using iPad 2 with iOS 6.

Another thing, I remember earlier in June I've done some simple HTML 5 publish test files. Even though things did not work perfectly, at least some slide content showed up on the iPad (iOS 5) . Now 4 months later I tried to load up thoes test files again, iPad showed white screen with nothing.

Is Storyline's HTML 5 not working for iOS 6? or is there something I did wrong? Thanks for any feedback or advice.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Module Maker, 

Can you confirm that you don't have Private Browsing enabled on your iPad? Otherwise, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what's going on. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using the link below so our support team can assist you further:


Module Maker

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link. The Private Browsing setttings on  the Safari browser was on. After I turned it off the module content showed up.

The iOS 6 default the Private Browsing to On.

Not all slide content / animations converted correctly in Storyline. I think we can live with that and need to touch it up.

In the module, all Engage content displayed as a white screen. Is it true that Engage content doesn't get converted in Storyline?

Thank you for the helpful feedback.

Peter Anderson

Hi Module Maker, 

Steve's correct. This table compares the Storyline features that are supported in the Flash Player, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad. Refer to this table during the planning and development stages of your Storyline projects to achieve the best results in the environments you are targeting. Good luck with the project

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