Safari opening links in same window (not new window) in LMS environment

Jul 13, 2020


I'm having an issue where when I test my module in Safari on Mac it works fine. However, when accessed in an LMS environment using Safari all links will open within the module and not within a new tab/window. I have checked the module and the link settings are all set to 'Open in new window" - so this should not be happening.

Anyone have any fixes for this? I am using the Modern Player.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jacinta!

It sounds like the links in the LMS environment are opening in the current window rather than in a new window. This is a setting that you might be able to change in the LMS settings. 

Which LMS are you viewing the course in? I'd recommend reaching out to your LMS admin to see if there is a specific setting for opening links.

Keep us updated with your findings!

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