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I am having an issue with having the browser blocking the web object. It says that "The page is trying to load script from unauthorized source." All I am doing is embedding a YouTube video with autoplay, and a specific start and stop. The web object works when I test it. But when published, I have to approve the load and then start the video.
I would be fine if I could start the time on the slide at the same time I press start on the video.

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Khrystal San Diego

Hi Richard!

Sorry you're having trouble with your YouTube video.

You're encountering this issue because once your work has been published, it will not allow to display unsecured content.

Fortunately, a hero in this community found a way on how to fix this. You have to update the URL or embedded code of Youtube video from HTTP to HTTPS

You can have a detailed information about the issue on this thread.

Let me know if it works.



Richard Batts

Thanks for the suggestion. That helped with getting the video to show. Thanks! But it still does not start the video at the beginning of the slide. I added the autoplay=1 as you can see but it does not automatically start when the web object enters the slide. But if you copy this address in into a web browser it work perfectly.

Any suggestion?