Same glossary in multiple Training courses

Nov 28, 2012

Hi All,

Has anybody experience in using the same SL's own glossary in different training courses.

We have a huge glossary, and I would like to develop it once in SL and then re-use it in all other training courses (different .Storyline-files)

When I export my player, the XML doesn't contain the glossary.

When I Save the player as, it doesn’t(t save the glossary either.

Is there an way of achieving this, or do I have to develop the glossary as an interaction and put it up next to the resources, to be opened in a light box ?

Any help appreciated


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Geert!

Great question! I found some information that Jeanette posted in this tutorial that may help you out:

Re-using a glossary in other projects

When you add a glossary to a course, these items are saved within your project, not within your player. (This means that if you save your player and apply the player to other projects, the glossary won't be applied with it.)

If you want to re-use the same glossary in another project, an easy way to do that is to save your project as a Storyline template. Then, when you're ready to begin a new project, use that template as your starting point by choosing From project template on the Storyline launch screen. When you re-purpose content this way, the player customization on the template (including any Glossary you've added) become part of the new project. If you later add, delete, or change any of the glossary terms, those changes won't automatically carry over to other projects in which you've used the same template. You'll need to make the same changes in each project.

Hope this helps Also, thanks for the help around the forums, I always enjoy reading your responses.

Have a great day!

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