Sample Process Flow

Hi Allison LaMotte

i am facing this problem how to do.

Once you receive an inter-branch goods transfer request, you need to follow the following steps to full fil the request. 

Select each numbered circle to view the steps.


Select each numbered circle to view the steps.

Select the NEXT button to continue. (only activate once the clicks have been attempted; also replace click NEXT instruction with the previous instruction)


User must be able to click NEXT to continue after clicking all the number icons.


Text and the image must animate onto the screen. Each number icon will be displayed one by one on the screen and the relationship established by connecting the lines. Please use icons as per the design; these icons are just for reference.

The related text will only be displayed on clicking the number icon.

The user should be able to click the NEXT button after clicking all the team icons.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Akram!

Thank you for sharing your design notes and the screenshot of your slide here! For design or how to ideas, it's always helpful if you can also share your .story project file so community members can see the set-up you've got so far. You can upload your file using the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window.