Samsung Tab Storyline publish problem

Hi community, I have an Articulate Storyline project that was published for HTML5 and Ipad, but my client want to see it in all devices as possible, so she meant about troubles in Samsung Tab like sizzing project that no resize (my Story size is 900 px * 675 px) to match with her screen and some interactivity buttons. I just read on this about some publish posibilities but it doesn't mean about Samsung Tab or Android devices. I have to know something else? what I need to check? 

Thanks a lot.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Gabriel!

Are you using Storyline 1 or 2? The link you provided above was from Storyline1, which does not support Android devices.

As far as the next button not working on the iPad, do you have the course in a locked navigation? This could cause it to not work, and if you are using Storyline 2, the restricted navigation could cause this to not work as well. 

Gabriel Pardo

Hi Emily, thanks for your reply. I am using Storyline 1, so I can understand waht you say about Android :/

I am working e-learning for a university here, so they have an LMS who support a publish in Scorm 1.2 for LMS. I always publish with Ipad and HTML5 checks. They didn't have any problem last year but now they have with Storyline Player. This type of navigation could be locked just for students login, could be the trouble? why now and not last year? Maybe they have some new security configuration on their LMS services? I a trying to understand it before a meeteing I have whit them tomorrow. Help please and thanks a lot.