Samsung Tablet Issues

Greetings Folks:

I have three courses built with Storyline 2 and several of my customers with Samsung phones and tablets are having issues running these elearning programs. The programs run just fine on iPhone, iPads and laptop/desktop computers. It's just on Samsung products that the programs hang up, stop intermittently mid-video or mid-audio. Yes, my customers view the program in the Articulate mobile player. The program runs fine on their desktop/laptop but not while using the Articulate app in their Samsung device. I've even simplified the programs to be less complex, with a few that now just contain video. Same result. Is anyone else having Samsung issues? I sure would appreciate your insight on this problem.

Here's a link to one of my programs.

Updated link (based on latest Storyline 2 update): 

Thank you,

Rod Machado

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rob,

First, it looks like your other response included your signature which you are welcome to edit and remove that, as it may include some information you didn't want posted publicly? 

In regards to how your course is behaving, what update of Storyline 2 are you using to publish? The most recent update included a fix for some issues with Chrome on Android as you can see here. 

If you published with Update 7 and are still running into issues, we'll want to take a look at how the .story file is set up and you can share it here using the "add attachment" button. 

Rod Machado

Greetings Ashley:

I'm using Storyline version 6: 1507.2315. I just received notice that there is an update. I'll update and see what happens. And perhaps the Android fix might help here. I'll let you know what happens. And I am a big fan of Storyline. I've tried a few other elearning softwares and Storyline is by far the best...IMHO.



Rod Machado

Greetings Ashley:

Here's a link to the same course republished under the latest Storyline update. If anyone would be interested in trying this out on any type of Samsung tablet/phone, I'd be appreciative.

Thank you for your assistance!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rod,

Thanks for sharing the link. I tested in a Galaxy tablet and also had a colleague test in a Nexus tablet. In the HTML5 output and AMP the course played normally and we heard audio throughout. My colleague shared that when clicking on the screen in AMP it did appear to pause the audio/video elements but the seekbar keeps going.  Clicking on a video can stop it from playing, and depending on how you've inserted it it may not be synced with the slide timeline so the seekbar would continue. Lots of users look at adding a transparent shape over the video to stop the user from clicking on it. We also took a look at letting the slide run to the end at times had the audio cut off before the seekbar/slide timeline ended.

Does this match the behavior you're seeing? I think we'll need to take a look at the .story file or even just a few sample slides so we could look at how the audio is set up. Are you able to share with us here? 

Rod Machado

Greetings Ashley:

I am uploading that file to you right now. I've always had a slight problem
with the audio portion of my eLearning publications not completing before
the timeline completes. I've tried a workaround by extending the timeline
two or three seconds past the end of the course segment. This seems to work
but it's not an elegant way to handle the problem. If you can offer any
solution to this problem, I'd be most appreciative.

As I mentioned, I really, really like Storyline! If any of your support
staff needs to chat, I'm usually in my office if I'm not out flying. Please
feel free to call at (949) 492-8109. Your support help is just fantastic,


Rod Machado

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