Satisfaction Enquiry / How to integrate it?

Hello everyone,

At work we would like to have satisfaction enquiries every time a person finishes a course on our LMS platform. We had a pretty cool system where they'd "validate" on the storyline the course via a code given by google forms, once the enquiry was filled up.  

The problem is that most of our clients have google apps blocked at work and they can't access the enquiry.

Does anyone knows or has a clue on how to integrate an inquiry into storyline, without third party applications?

Any help or clue will be appreciated.






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Glenn Raymond Casas

Hi Mel. As far as what I know: There are 2 ways we can do it.

1. You can use the built-in survey questions form by clicking Home > New Slide > Survey Questions. This should give you some more options.

2. If the survey is part of a quiz, or if you want to ask ungraded/optional questions in a quiz, you can read more here.