save button state when slide is revisited

I have a custom 'next' button that is initially invisible until the 'state' of a series of objects have been 'visited'. Pretty straightforward. This works fine, however once the learner advances to the next slide and then hits 'back' to return to this slide, the 'next' button is no longer visible and doesn't change to it's 'normal' visible state even though all of the required objects have been 'visited' to reveal the 'next' button.

So how do I save the state of my 'next' button so that it remains in its 'normal' visible state when a learner revisits the page?

I'm sure this question been answered before but I can't seem to find a solution. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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Antony Snow

Hi Anh,

Assuming that you don't want the user to have to repeat the exercise, you can tell Storyline to 'Resume saved state' when revisiting the slide.

If you click to select your base layer in the 'slide layers' panel, you will see a cog icon. Click on this to open the 'Slide proerties' dialogue box and there is a drop-down for 'When revisiting'. Select 'Resume saved state' and then cclick on [OK].



Rich Calcutt

Hi Anh, 

Without seeing the file you're using I can't tell exactly what the problem is. However you might try this:

Option 1:

Go the the slide options (using the little cog icon on the layer in the layer panel) and select for the slide to keep its saved state when the user revisits. This might help the problem. 

Option 2:

Alternatively, if for some reason the above is not an option in your course:

a) Create a variable called visited (or whatever you like) with these parameters:

b) Set a trigger for the visited objects to adjust the new variable to true when all states are visited:

c) Set a trigger to change the next button to visible when timeline of slide starts IF variable 'visited' equals true:

Let me know if these work for you. 

Best, Rich