Save Internal margin settings for every new Radio Button in Quiz

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a large Quiz with many Multiple Choice questions. To match my layout I've changed the default Internal margin settings of the Radio Buttons and right click -> Set as Default Radio Button, but when I add a new Multiple Choice question the Internal margin settings are set as default.

Hopefully someone can help me.

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Fabian Schmitz

Hi David, thank you for your reply. I'm sorry but the article doesn't help me. The problem is by setting my Radio Button as default Storyline doesn't safe the Internal margin settings (right click at Radio Button -> Format Shape / Text Box / Internal margin). All other Settings like the Line Style settings or the Shadow settings get saved, but not the Text Box settings.

Fabian Schmitz

Hi Lesslie,

Yes I've considered using the Slide Master, but in the Slide Master I can't modify a single Radio Button. I want to adjust the space between the text and the Radio Button for all buttons. My purpose is to increase the space on the left side between the margin and the text, moreover I want to reduce the space to the Top and the Bottom, so the button gets smaller in height and the Font Size stays the same.

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, thanks for clarifying that, Fabian!

You're right that setting the radio button as default doesn't save the internal margin settings. The easiest way to apply those internal margin settings to other radio buttons is to use the format painter, like this. 

I'll let our team know you have a need for including internal margins in the default radio button settings!