Save me from friendless silence

Nov 13, 2012

Has anyone found a way to insert those friendly click and hover sound effects from Quizmaker into Storyline?

Before I made the decision to purchase SL, I did the 30 day trial with Studio.  During that time I build one course with several quizzes and interactions.  A big part of the fun in doing the interactions is those click sound effects that Quizmaker adds.  The sound effects are just plain satisfying.

But, Studio didn't make the cut and I bought SL which I love, all except for the silent quizzes.  I consoled myself with the knowledge that when I imported the Presenter/Powerpoint file into SL, my friends would import with it.  Then, I'd have the tools to manually add those sounds to my story files.

Imagine my disappointment when my favorite part of the animations didn't import when I imported the Presenter/Powerpoint file into SL.  No clicks!  No soft clk-clk sound when I hover over the choices.  Just silence! 

I'm a satisfied customer, but think how much more satisfied I would be if my quizzes and interactions had friendly clicks!

In friendless silence,


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Jamie Morgan

It's been a long time since I've used Quizmaker so I'm not 100% sure what sounds you are referring to. However, if you are simply wanting a sound effect when someone rolls over a button or clicks it - you can add those in Storyline. Just find the sound effect you want and insert that. Then, create triggers that will play that audio file when the mouse is hovered over the button or the user clicks the button, whichever you are wanting to program.

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