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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Kara, you don't have to cut them. Just put them in a scene that is not linked anything else and they will not appear in the published story  file.  If you are using the player menu, you will have to edit the menu to remove those slides from the list otherwise they will show in the menu.

Simon Perkins

+1 for Nancy's idea.  

I tend to set up 2 scenes at the start of every project; Workbook and Spare.  Workbook contains a bunch of slides where I experiment with various things and create objects/images etc; Spare is where I dump any unused or soon-to-be used slides.  Both remain hidden in the menu. 

Kara Leyva

Ok, thank you! So... I out them into another scene.. that is not connected... so they will not show up when I publish..right?....But I still need to go back and edit them out of the player menu?... So no matter what every slide will show in the player menu..even if they are not connected. ???

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Kara - I think by default all scenes and slides show up in the menu by default., but it is very easy to go to the menu settings and remove the ones you don't want to display. You can do this by going into Player and then selecting Menu on the top tool bar.

Just select the scene you want to remove from the menu and click the x.  This will not delete the slides. It will just remove them from the menu.  If you ever decide you want the slides to appear in the menu, you can add them back by clicking file folder icon.