Save Storyline (.story) files to SharePoint site

May 07, 2014

We store our .story files on a SharePoint site. I can check a file out, open it, and work on it without a problem. When I click the Save option on the .story file (which attempts to save it to the SharePoint site) I receive the attached error message. 

Is there a setting somewhere I need to change to allow these files to save properly? Any help is much appreciated.


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Steve Flowers

Sharepoint appears to be blocking the .story file. This is a configuration on Sharepoint's side that can only be remedied by an administrator with sufficient permissions. The process for unblocking file types on Sharepoint varies by the version of Sharepoint you're using.

Tracy Logan

I've recently tried using our Sharepoint site to do a simple checkin/checkout setup. When I upload a new .story file, I can check it out, but when it downloads, sharepoint zips up the file. Does yours do that? Is there a way to turn that off? When I download the zip, it breaks the .story file into files/folders that don't work and on top of that there is no .story file in that zip file. 

Tracy Logan

I didn't try that but I did figure out how to download it from SharePoint in a .story file and not a zip file but I'm still trying to figure out the check-in/check-out settings. It doesn't seem to be working exactly the way we need it to because you can download the .story file without actually checking it out. Shouldn't be like that!

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