Save true/false state on a toggle button from slide to slide in SL 360.

Dec 09, 2019


We don't use the player in SL 360, so I set up a layer to display captions for audio on each slide of a project. I have a button that toggles the layer to show or hide.

However, in review, we realized that we don't want the user to have to toggle the captions on for each slide. If they choose captions, we want them to see captions until they choose not to see them. 

Does anyone have ideas about how we could do this? Thanks!

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It is a bit more complex than that. You actually need 2 buttons (so you don't create a circular loop) on the slide master.

Button 1:

  1. Changes caption variable to true
  2. Changes the state of the 2nd button to visible
  3. Changes the state of itself to Hidden

Button 2:

  1. Changes the caption variable to false
  2. Changes the state of button 1 to visible
  3. Changes its own state to Hidden

Slide Triggers (To set the state of the buttons at each slide start based on the captions variable):

  1. Change Button 1 to Normal at Timeline start if variable = False
  2. Change Button 1 to Hidden at Timeline start if variable = True
  3. Change Button 2 to Normal at Timeline start if variable = True
  4. Change Button 2 to Hidden at Timeline start if variable = False

On each slide's base layer, you need two triggers:

  1. Show layer (captions) when timeline starts if your variable = true.
  2. show layer (captions) when your variable changes IF your variable = true.

On your captions layer you need one trigger:

  1. Hide layer (this layer) when your variable changes IF your variable is equal to false.


You can see a demo here (with SL file available in the resources tab): Link to Demo

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