Saving and applying a custom quiz results slide

Hi, everyone.

I've been wrestling with this for two days, reading every tutorial and discussion I can, yet can't find the answer. Figured it was time to ask the community. :)

Could someone please point me in the direction of instructions for saving and applying a custom quiz results slide? I've tried using slide/feedback masters and templates, but can't find the magic.



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Allan Dunlop

Thanks again for the help, Leslie.

I just wanted to report on the corrections I made to fix the issues I was having with this ("I'm still working out how to get the new slide from the template to reflect the quiz result."). 

My error was that I was trying to insert the results slide from my template *after* I had already created a results slide for the existing quiz in my file. I couldn't get the 'Submit results' trigger to apply to any results slide other than the original, nor could I get the existing quiz to generate another set of results variables--understandable. 

I might be the only one to make this mistake, but in case anyone else has struggled with it, here's how I corrected it.

First of all, I created a new .story file with no quiz or results. I added a new 'Draw from Question Bank,' built up the results slide the way I wanted, and got the two playing together nicely. I created a new template file from that.

Then, in the original file I was trying to get to work, I deleted the 'Draw from Question Bank' and the associated results slide. I recreated the Draw, then right-clicked on it, selected 'New Slide' > 'My Templates' and inserted the results slide from my template. All I needed to do then was to associate the triggers properly, and everything worked fine.

Here are the files I used (attached).

RESULTS SLIDE template (basic).story (which I used to create the template)

RESULTS SLIDE template (basic).storytemplate (the resulting template)

RESULTS SLIDE added from template.story (the file with the template slide inserted)

Perhaps this will help someone else find their way. :)


UPDATE: To get rid of unused results variables, I found I have to create a new .story file and import all the slides *except* the Draw and results slide.