Saving and resuming timeline/media

Jan 23, 2023


I have built a one slide course. It is a video with 3 basic control buttons to pause, play and then save and exit. I need the course to save at the point the viewer has got to and then resume when they return to the course. Everything I've tried doesn't seem to achieve this. I've tried setting the 'resume saved state' option on the layer, I've set the player setting to 'always resume', and I've added a trigger to pause the timeline when save and exit is clicked, but it's not working and always goes back to the beginning on returning to the course. Do I need an extra button to do something? I feel like there's something really simple that I'm missing.

Any help will be gratefully received.

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Liz Tyler

Thank you Phil. Could you give me a bit more information please? Do I need to set a trigger to pause the media or timeline on the 'save and exit' button if I've set the layer to 'resume saved state' and the player setting to 'always resume' or will the added layer resolve the issue without an added trigger to pause? Thank you