Saving Changes to Player

Hi, I'm attempting to modify the player with little success. Initially I had the Menu, Notes, and Glossary in the left hand column. I removed them but when I went to preview the new player, the changes hadn't taken. I've tried to change the player in a variety of ways and I'm wondering if there's some small change I'm missing.

Thanks for the help!

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Sharon. 

Not sure what's going on as I've not experienced this in Storyline. 

As a note: The Player is set to "Default" for each new project. If you make changes to that player it's best to "Save As" and give it a new name. I typically name new Player skins with a similar 'project name' as I may change layout and/or colors. Then click the OK button to close the Player Properties dialog window.

If you're still having difficulties, I'd recommend submitting a support request here >