Saving previous text responses after retakes in Storyline

I have a Storyline module with slides that contain multiple choice questions and 1 text entry question so that learners can provide feedback on the module.  But if they take the multiple choice questions then the feedback question, and the results slide shows they failed, they have the option to retake the test, including the textentry/feedback slide.  I'd like the initial text they submitted to stay there if they retake so they don't have to type it all in again.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
Thank you in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kay.  You could add another variable that takes on the value of your text entry variable.  When you retake a quiz, all of the questions are reset.  If you aren't restarting the course, the variable that you've created can still be referenced to show the original feedback.

Check out this example I mocked up!  I've attached the sample file so you can take it apart, too.