saving the position of a drag item

Jul 30, 2014

hi everyone

I'm developing a game where the user will move their "pieces" on a game board. The user will roll a die and then move on the board accordingly. The die result is randomized to make it a truly unique experience each time. However, this means that I can't predict where the pieces will be from slide to slide.

I'm using drag and drop free form slides to be able to move the pieces.

Does anyone know how to retain the position of a piece from one slide to the next?

thanks all

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yuna,

It sounds like a great game you're starting. It may be about using the state of an object to be able to determine where it goes to based on a particular condition (ie. where it started and the value of the die variable). It may help to take a look at these examples first of board games (created using a similar structure as to what you described):

[DEMO] Farkle game (Storyline)

Create a Game with Articulate Storyline

Jeopardy template for Storyline

Another Storyline Game

I created word puzzle in storyline with interactive feedback

Memory Game Template

If you're able to share an example with the community we may be able to take a look at what you've set up and offer some feedback.

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