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I have a Storyline presentation with around 30 slides. Each slide features a title, a textbox, a simple marker and a SWF video. All of the videos are screen captures created on the same computer, using the same screen capture software and relatively identical dimensions. So essentially, all 30 slides are the same. Except, when I use the "Scale Player to fill Browser" feature:It causes some slides to indeed scale to fill the browser window while other slides remain their default size. Again, all the slides should be set up identically with identical content. Why is this occurring? How can I avoid it in future/get this feature to work predictably?

Thank You,

Douglas Harriman

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Douglas Harriman

Hi Christine,

We've published the presentation and have been attempting to view it in a few different browsers, but in each one, the same slides scale or don't scale. I was unable to attach my .story file to this post (kept getting an error), but this link should allow you to download the file from our site: click here to download.  If there are issues with that link, perhaps you can email me with another means of transferring the file. Also, here's a link to the published and uploaded presentation on our site: click here to view. So, for instance, Slides 1-6 scale, slides 7-11 (I believe) will not.

Thanks for you assistance!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Douglas,

I apologize for the delay, it took me a bit to get the file, but I was finally able to take a look. I do see about 8 or more slides that don't seem to scale up. I did notice while playing with a single slide that I published that it does scale down, just not to a larger version. I know that doesn't really help anything, I just thought it was a little odd that it would scale to a smaller size, but not a larger size. 

I thought perhaps it may have been related to some of the media on the slides, but the player should still re-size. Would you mind submitting this information to our technical department for further testing? You should be able to provide a link to this forum thread, so you won't need to repeat the information and our team will be able to access the files from this thread, as well. 

Also, if you can, please share the case details with me. This way I'll be able to follow the progress of the case and share any suggestions or solutions in this thread. 

Thanks again, Douglas. Hopefully we'll be able to find out what's causing this!


Douglas Harriman

Hi Justin,

Thanks so much; that's what I suspected. I'm going to check some other forums for this answer, but I thought I'd ask you as well: do you know how to ensure Jing produces scalable SWF files? I don't recall doing anything on my end when capturing those videos that would have led to some being scalable and some not, so I'm wondering if you know enough about Jing in particular to answer that? If not, thanks for your help already and for confirming my suspicion.