Scale to fit does not work?


I´m publishing a course with the story size 720*540 with an additional left menu, suitable for an iPad for example.

Some users may have much larger computer screens and I would like the course to fill the screen (adjust the size proportionately) if that is the case. Otherwise the course will look tiny on a big computer screen.

So when setting the story size I chose If new size is larger - Scale to fit, which according to Storylines tutorial means: Scale To Fit: This scales the contents of your slides to fit proportionately within the new size.

I thought this meant that my whole course would expand and adjust to the size of my computer screen and full size browser window.

BUT maybe I have understood. Does this functionality only mean that if I choose to make my Story size bigger or smaller, the content will only adjust WITHIN the player/course window in different ways? If that is the case, is it somehow possible to achieve my goal in other ways, meaning to fill computer screen and full size browser window if they are bigger than my story size?

Thanx for your input!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Hanna,

I believe you may be looking at the options for the Story Size itself - what option are you using for the actual player/course size?

If you click on "Player" along the top of the Storyline ribbon and select "Other", you'll see additional options on how the size of your published project adjusts to a user's web browser. 

For example, from the Browser size: drop-down, you could select "Resize browser to fill screen" - this, if published with a supported format, will enlarge the web browser for the user. 

For the Player size: drop-down, you could select "Scale player to fit browser window" - as well, if this is published in a supported format, the entire player and project will scale along with the browser size. 

I'd recommend taking a look at this tutorial for more information:

Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size - E-Learning Heroes

Also, since you're publishing for the iPad, you might want to review and keep the following chart handy as some sizing features may vary, depending on the output type:

Compare Storyline's Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player output

I hope this helps!