Scaling Issue: Running Storyline on Parallels 9 under Windows 8.1

Jan 01, 2014


I recently purchased a new late 2013 15" Retina Macbook Pro.  I have installed Storyline in Parallels 9, running Windows 8.1.

Everything seems to be working alright except for the fact that everything is extremely tiny due to the retina resolution.  I did some searching and found some solutions for Windows 8 and Parallels 8, but not 8.1 under Parallels 9.  Does anyone know have a solution to make the buttons and texts and general user interface of running Storyline in these conditions user friendly at all?

Thanks everyone.

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Mitchell Fox

Hi, thanks for the responses.  There's a compatibility problem when using Parallels 9 and Windows 8.1, but I figured out what steps to do in case anyone else is having this problem:  

  1. Shut down your Virtual Machine
  2. Go to your Virtual Machine's Configuration pane > General
  3. Change the type of your Virtual machine to "Windows 8"

  4. Switch to Hardware tab > Video and adjust Retina settings to 'Scaled' rather than 'Best for Retina'

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