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Elizabeth Miles

Hi Vanessa,

This is a really old example and I don't remember what online polling software I used, but after creating the poll I just inserted it in the slide as a web object:

Ethics in healthcare

There are many more online polling options available now, and many are free.  I think it's also possible to use variables to capture and display learner responses using a Google spreadsheet, but I haven't tried that.  

Good luck with your project!   

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa,

It's not something that is caked into Storyline - as you'd have to use another external site to track and maintain the results of all the other users and then also have a way to display that to them. I've seen folks use things like a Google form/survey, Survey monkey, etc. and insert that as a web object. You can read a bit more about how to insert and work with web objects here.