Scenario idea needed

Aug 28, 2012

I need help with a design idea for a type of scenario my SME has provided. He describes a scenario such as a mining company petitioning a community for approval to build a new mine. The question is on what basis should the mine be approved or disapproved? The answer is a series of 7 questions, all examples of how difficult natural resource extraction questions are to manage.

I have three scenarios like this for this short course, all about appropriate questions to ask when making decisions affecting the community.

I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with an interactive, engaging and challenging activity. I have no wrong answers to throw in and cannot pull much more out of my SME.

Anyone have a suggestion for me?

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Kevin Thorn

That's a great idea Nicole! Scenarios can be tedious but when presented from a different angle it automatically gets more interesting.

"Hi, I'm Mr. Mine. You all have a lovely community and I'm very interested in setting up shop here. I know there are a lot of concerns in the room and I'd be happy to entertain all your concerns and questions."

On screen have the 7 questions as character icons - various headshots of people from the community. Those icons can either be branches into the scenario or launches a question layer to begin the branch.

Sounds like a fun project!

Kevin Thorn

Disregard this suggestion if it doesn't work with your overall strategy or if I'm missing something...

Seems there's a lot of focus on the assessment piece of this. Like you're trying to wrap a scenario around a test/quiz. Instead, focus on designing the scenario. The experience. As you storyboard you'll find opportunities to insert challenges (questions) with feedback taking them down a different path. 

A scenario is a "story" at its root. Write the story first. 

Renee Lubaway

From the scenario above: Questions one might ask to inform any decision that is made: What are the economic benefits of the mine for the mine operator, land owner, the community and the county? How close is the proposed mining site from property owners who might be affected? . .  there are 5 more questions to this single scene. I have 4 scenes. I also have a couple Multiple Choice questions and a T/F that I can use for assessment. I like the idea of using the scenarios to provide an experience like you and Kevin outlined. This is a short 15-20 minute intro course to a series so I can't delve too deeply into anyone scenario and branch into details.

I sure appreciate this forum and the quick responses from the community - so willing to pick their brains along with me.

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