scene-based design vs one-page-design?

Hi there,

recently i talked with an expert about storyline. He mentioned Storyline is a scene-based tool. (page-based, however it is called correctly ;-))

He means, that the learner have to switch to the next slide to continue learning.
In his opinion it would be better idea to design content as an one-page Design. This means, that all the content is displayed on much less (1-2) pages. The learner can scroll down from top to bottom without loading a new site. 

This may be much more user-friendly - especially for mobile users. They may scroll down by moving the content to the top - as already known from the mobile browsers.

What is your opinion about this?
I would appreciate, if i could design both designs with Storyline.


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Walt Hamilton

Not to seem disrespectful of the expert you talked to, but it seems to me that he is talking about very small projects that are mostly text. in that case, his suggestion makes sense.

On the other hand, if you are designing courses that might be so large that the user would need more than one session to complete, SL really can't track how far a learner might have scrolled if the whole project is a single page.

Generally, I think that most of us envision the best courses as having  a large number of opportunities for the learner to interact with the content. All of those require that the content stop until the user is ready to advance. At that point, the learner doesn't know if they are seeing a lower part of the page, or a new page. At this point, I think your expert is thinking of a website, where to move to a new page requires loading a new file, but that isn't the case with SL. (Before all you literalists jump on me, every new page may represent a, or several, new files. But SL can predict possible jump targets and pre-load them.)

So, the decision is really driven by the type of your interaction with the learner. If your course is one long text document, any design is as useful as any other. If you have lots of points that depend on learner interaction, you may find that more pages make it easier for the designer to track and create content. If that is your choice, the learner will never know the difference between lots of items that come and go on one page, and lots of pages that come and go.