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Sandi Breuer

Hi Wendy

No, from Storyview I clicked on a slide.  On the left of the screen there is a preview panel of all slides in the scene.

I did try what you suggested above, however that increases the size of the slide that I am working on, not the preview panel...

Wendy Farmer

Wow that's one busy scene panel ;-)

Can you undock the panel and move to another monitor that way you can increase the resize the panel - see quick video of what I mean.

even if you can't move to another monitor you may be able to resize and then use the View tab > Redock windows to get it back in position.

Sandi Breuer

Hi Wendy

I know, that scene is crazy!  I am just learning how to use storyline and I need to update a project someone else created - wish me luck!

Thanks for your video, I did try that however when I redock the window it shrinks back.

No problem, I have finished updating the scene now, so not going spend anymore time on it.

Appreciate your prompt response :-)