Scene Tabs not open after reopening .story file

Mar 03, 2016

Sorry if this has been asked before. . . I searched and couldn't find anything. I've been using Storyline since it was first released (SL 1 and now SL2).

In development, I used to open a scene tab for each scene and then I'd navigate those tabs to get to each slide. When I'd save, close, and reopen my .story file, the scene tabs would still be open and ready to go, and life was awesome!

I've noticed over the past few months that is no longer happening. I open a scene tab for each scene. I work away. I save and close the file. When I reopen the .story file, it opens in Story View, which is fine, but my scene tabs are gone, and I have to open them each again. Every time I open the file. It's very annoying.

Is there a setting for keeping the scene tabs open or did this behavior change with an SL update or am I going crazy?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anna!

This is not something I've heard reported or asked about before. I had to take a look myself to see if I could see this behavior. I created a course in SL1 and opened 3 different scenes, closed, re-opened - and I can see that it opens in Storyview and my tabs are still open as you described.

I am, however, seeing the same behavior in SL2:

This image is after a close and re-opening.

Are the tabs open when you save the course prior to re-opening? Does this happen with any file you are working on?

I'm learning something new everyday :)

Anna Oftedal

Yes, the tabs are open when I save the course.

I had to check if it was happening with every course. No, it appears that some courses open as expected with the tabs still open. With several of my .story files used during the past month, however, the behavior is occurring in which the tabs are not open when I reopen the file even though I saved the file with the tabs open. 

This seems to be happening with 4 files that I've been using heavily in the past month (opening and re-opening and making revisions daily). Files from a month ago seem to be working fine. These are not very large files (not much audio or multimedia, etc.).

Maybe I'll eventually have to import the content from those files into a new .story. I'm glad to learn that it is not happening on my older files so seems to be a problem with my individual files.



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