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Chris Fletcher

From my point of view, it's a tidiness thing more than anything else. I've just started working somewhere where they built their eLearning using single slides with loads of layers. It can take ages to find the information you're looking for. As a rule, I go like this:

  • Scenes are for different subjects
  • Slides are for different piece of content within the scenes
  • Layers are for additional content that you want to add into a slide (Such as creating interactive elements)

Ultimately, you dont have to use them, but when you're in Story view, its much easier to see where you're at, especially when you have a large piece of learning with multiple subjects.

So I guess, yeah in your case, I probably would create different scenes for different topics, but you dont have to


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carolina,

The answers on this could vary as Chris mentioned - but I wanted to point you to a few other threads where a similar question was asked:

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Hope that those help you and please let us know if you need anything else!