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Julie Rourke

I have the same problem. Why can't it just re-order them in number order. I cannot see all the screenr videos as they are blocked by my server. Anything in youtube I can now watch.

I have them moved in the correct order, but when I gave to course manager to check when I exported to Word, it did not work. It put them all in the incorrect order and made it really had to refer back to.

Julie Rourke

Peter Tranter said:

Hi, is it possible to simply re-number a slide in a scene. I placed a slide after 2 previous slides though it has been numbered as if it were placed prior to those 2 slides.

In the player it is possible to reset the slides in the order you have them. I assume the numbering is in the title/slide properties. In player, click on Menu, then the Reset to story button.

Pharah Jean-Philippe

Hi All:

I understand how to reorder the scenes via linking and triggers, etc. That is not really the issue with numbering. What I need to do is change the scene numbers because when I publish to Word (as a storyboard to give to the stakeholders), it still follows the numerical order of the scenes that was a default, not the actual order that I've set (no matter what order I've arranged it to be in storyview).

Is there a way to simply change the number to reflect the actual order?


Antoinette Alexander


I am having the same issue. I added a few slides after creating quiz questions. Now my slide #41 (which is a quiz question) is connected to slide #42 (which is my new content slide), even though, there is not a trigger linking them. So when the learner reviews the questions after the quiz, slide #42 appears after quiz question #41.

Hovering over the trigger arrows in the scene pane, displays the action but it doesn't show anything for this arrow connecting to slide #42. This is really confusing.

Kim Hemingway

We need to print out a Storyline 3.0 course for our SME's to review the old fashion way. Due to the way the scenes are numbered, publishing to Word does not publish the pages in order. Does anyone have a work around other than spending hours reshuffling the pages in Word?  Thanks in advance for your reply!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Will,

I don't know that our product development team considers it an error, but more by design that scenes are numbered as they are created and allows for them to be reordered to change navigation or behavior. With that being said, if you feel that renumbering the scenes by choosing the numbers yourself is something you'd like to see in a future version or update of Storyline I'd suggest sharing your thoughts with our product development team by submitting a feature request. I'd suggest including as much information or description (as possible) about how you'd like it to behave and the reasons why this is important to your development process. 

Karyn Romeis

Okay. I'm probably being difficult. Is it still possible to change the order of scenes if you don't include the prev/next buttons in the player? I loathe prescriptive navigation, and prefer to allow my users to determine their own path through a piece. But I do want to have control over the order in which things appear in my menu down the left side of the screen when I publish. 

Theresa Calabrese

I don't think anyone has answered my question.  I saw the post that the numbers don't matter but they do.  I have a course and all the scenes have changed order.  Even though they display correctly in story view, when I preview the course, they appear in the menu tab according to the numbers they were assigned.  So my introduction is in the left column but numbered 8.  When I preview, it is at the bottom.  I need to renumber my scenes so they show in the correct order in the menu navigation.  HELP!

Anne Goldenberger

Thanks for the ScreenR David.  For some reason I always have a hard time doing this.  I DO want the scenes numbered correctly, because when you output to Word, the scene numbers appear and it gets confusing when I'm asking people to mark up a Word document. 

I think I'm going to put in a feature request to allow simpler drag and drop re-ordering of scenes :-) 


Klaas Groen

Hello David, I've found an exception that hasn't been mentioned before. When you're using variables in your links to next slides the order of scenes changes to the alphabetical order of the variables you're using. Unfortunately I can't find a way to change this... I can see people getting stuck on that one as well!

Klaas Groen

Hello Ashley (with a Dutch name),

Indeed, I use a variable to jump to a certain slide (if the variable is true the jump may occur). In the meantime the numbering problem is fixed by (I guess) renaming the variables. The order of scenes is still the old alphabetical one. I've already looked into trigger order and object order. My example is one in Dutch language, I hope you can look through that... Btw: I'm not sure if scene order has to be discussed somewhere else or if I can just answer your question right here.