Scenes or just many slides?

Oct 25, 2013

hello everybody out there! i how a "stupid" question; why should I make scenes instead of many slides after eachother? Or doesn´t it matter? #tellme

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Joe Dey

Hi Maja

There is nothing wrong per se in developing your project in an entirely linear way within a single scene.  However some reasons you might want to break your project into scenes might be:

  • Simplicity and management purposes.
  • Your course is modular
  • There are quiz reporting slides in each module
  • A repository for pop us slides such as light boxes
  • Different pathways for different users based on x criteria
  • Break down your project into manageable study sessions.
  • Branching scenarios become less confusing and easier to view in the Story screen.

There are many more reasons which you will no doubt identify for yourself as your project grows.



Steve Flowers

I test my stuff quite a bit as I go. Using scenes provides a really nice way to preview just a few of those slides in succession rather than having to wait for the entire thing to publish or preview. For really large modules, this is a big time saver. 

The other thing that scenes help with is organization and access to blocks of slides by a group. You see a nice organization of sections in story view. You can collapse your scenes in this view to reduce visual clutter. You can also use the drop down selector at the top of the thumbnail view on the left in slide view to select another group of slides rather than scrolling through a long vertical display. Helps for really large assemblies.

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