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Kevin Thorn

Hi Sylvia,

I'd say that's more of a design question after analyzing the overall outcome of the instruction and the learner's environment.

Meaning, if the project is large enough where a single visit would take over an hour I might consider chunking the lessons into their own individual modules and design more of a curriculum approach.

Or, if the course lessons are designed to intertwine where they need to be tied to each other in some way, creating a Scene for each one in a Storyline Project file may be the better way to manage and develop the course.

So, to directly answer your question there is no 'better' way on how to develop using Storyline...it will handle just about anything you throw at it. It's more about your design and how  you manage the development process.

Does that help?

Michael Burns

Hi Sylvia, great question - if you want my personal answer, first try to cut down the amount of time in any way possible. Distill what needs to be presented first, and then try to make it seem like even less time.

Grovo has a great series of resources about micro-learning, but also try going to Udemy sometime and just browse courses. It's interesting to see the effect: you can purchase 4 hours of lectures, but it's usually presented in small chunks (sometimes only 2 minutes long). This makes it much more digestable and accessible.

Currently I'm working on separating hour-long courses into actual modules, so the user can navigate, understand, and break from training much more easily than before. An added bonus is (if you're using an LMS) this is much easier to track which lessons they've completed.

Hope this helps!