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Tracy Parish

I've not noticed any lag when loading a course through my LMS or via the web if I use one scene or 25 scenes.  I think the largest I've done was 25 and it was filled with video/screen captures.

File size I haven't really paid attention to, however looking at one I recently created gave me some numbers I can share.

I currently have one course that is 9.5 Gb that includes:

  • 8 scenes
  • 70 Slides
    • 1, quiz bank with 20 questions
    • 1, 6-minute video that is 9.1GB

If I take out the video slide and resave the project it is the same size (so the video is preserved in there somewhere, but I couldn't' find it in the Media Library even though I deleted it.

If I create a new course and import everything except the video slide, the course size is 34 MB

So long story short, what really adds bulk to the file size of your courses are the actual media assets you include (images, audio, video, etc).

Sylvia Wright

Hi Tracy, Thanks for taking time to answer! Appreciate your thoughts. I did try combining a course that had 5 scenes into one and it shrunk the file by a couple of mbs. I also published it and it did SEEM to load slides a TINY bit faster. So on something with Gb size I am now really curious :). Some day I'll check it out ;). THANK YOU!!