Schooltube and Teachertube embed codes not working

I am trying to embed a couple of videos from these two site but I keep getting a error. I know youtube is the best but the district blocks Youtube from the students. So I am forced to use these other venues. Is there something in the embed code I can change that might make the code work? I have attached a screen shot of the error and word file with them embed code. The web address is here.

Thanks in advance for you help,


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Michael Hinze

Brian Schuster said:

Michael Hinze said:

Brian, I wasn't familiar with SchoolTube, so I took your embed code as is and did a quick test (see here). It worked for me.

Yours worked for me to! I have no idea what is going on. I will have to play with it.



Brian, that is odd. If my version works for you, then it can't be an issue with browser settings or firewall issues. Just in case you want to verify this from your end, see attached my test file.