SCO stuck on Question Slides

we are using Articulate Storyline 2 to create SCOes.
We use these SCOes in a custom LMS developed by our organization.
SCOes are published as "Standard 2004, 4th version".

SCOes are composed by question slides and videos, we usually have 4 videos and 10 questions.
The structure of the course is: info slide, title slide, video, question slide, video, question slide, video, ... other questions slide and result slide.

Sometimes users arrive in a question slide, they answer the questions, but when they are ready to go on, the course doesn't continue and it is locked on the same slide.
Have you experienced a similar behavior? Is there something we can do about that? It is a random behavior...

Thank you and Best regards,
Anna Maria Serra
Software Architect

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anna Maria!

Is it due to the loading issue that you are reporting in your other post here?

You mention that users get locked on the same slide, but that it's random behavior? Does this mean that you are unable to consistently reproduce the issue?

Have you tested your content in SCORM Cloud to compare behavior to your LMS?