"Score by Choice" option is missing for Multiple Response question

I had Score by Choice option available earlier. I designed my questions where Multiple Responses had different score (Partial score). With updated version of Storyline, I no longer see an option to Score by Choice and all my questions have been converted into score by question. 

How can I grade multiple response questions by choice (allowing partial scoring for partial right answers)?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Anne.

Thank you for reaching out!

While not currently a feature in Storyline, we have a feature request logged to allow Partial Credit/Scoring For Multiple Response questions.

I added your comments to the report, and I'll update this discussion if I have any news to share or if this request makes it to our feature roadmap. 

Maria Elena Hernandez

If you don't mark one of the multiple choice options with varying points as correct, the program recognizes the multiple option entries with their respective points. I accidentally choose a correct option when giving partial credit in a drag-and-drop. I just deleted the answer that was selected as correct and re-entered the answer choice in a new line without Correct selected. (If that's a bug, I hope it doesn't go away.)