Score can only improve not functioning correctly

Hi I have a module that needs to have 'score can only improve' on.  I've set this to true in the config.js but my client's LMS still records a score the second time around if it is lower on completing the quiz.  Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

The module infact behaves worse than this on SCORM cloud with erratic scoring and completion tags.  I'm not so bothered about this element if it behaves correctly on my clients LMS but the Score can only improve is very important.  Any ideas?


Many thanks

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Jason Montour

Hi, Kevin.  Any chance you have figured this out?  I am a little disappointed with the lack of response to this question, but our team is encountering the same issue.  Everything in the course checks out and we have been using this setting for a very long time.  Now, suddenly, it is behaving strangely.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jason,

Sorry to hear you've been stuck with this as well. That change to the config.js or the setting for "score can only improve" is specific to how it's going to behave inside an LMS, and both aren't something our team can help with.

Hopefully others in the community who have made these same customizations will be able to chime in here. You could also try connecting with Kevin directly using the Contact Me button on his profile. 

Kevin Thompson

We're wrestling with this issue as well. The behavior we'd like to see is if the user has completed the course (scores 100% / Completed / Passed) that the LMS (Canvas in our case) NOT reset to 0% / Incomplete / Failed if the user re-launches the course and restarts (doesn't resume where they left off).

I'll be sure to share a solution if we ever figure it out!